The OIG Looks at Drug Pricing

HHS inspector general to examine drug price issues

The HHS Office of Inspector General plans to examine a variety of issues related to drug prices and potential waste of medicines. Among the issues the OIG will address are unexplained price jumps, use of wasteful single vials for cancer treatments, tying rebates under Medicare Part D to inflation, and billing practices for compounded topical treatments.

STAT (11/10)

Medicare Benefits – Premium Increases?

CMS acts to stem Medicare premium increases

CMS takes action to stem Medicare premium increases.
(Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
The one-third of Medicare beneficiaries not covered by the “hold-harmless” provision will see a lower premium increase than originally projected, with consumers paying 10% in 2017, compared with projections of as much as 22% more. The CMS announced Thursday it would tap Medicare Part B program reserves to bring down premiums for those whose increases are not tied to Social Security cost of living adjustments.

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