Questions & Answers

Should I purchase my individual plan through the exchange?  If you are a family of four with income of less than $94,200, or an individual with income of less than $45,960, you may qualify for assistance through the exchange.  If not, the same plans are sold in or outside of the exchange.  We will be able to assist you in either case.

Will I have to change the plan I currently have for a new plan to meet the federal requirements?  If you enrolled in your current plan on or before March 13, 2010, yours likely is a grandfathered plan.  Thus your can stay on that plan if you choose.  New plans will become effective for all non-grandfathered plans on the enrollment date of your current plan.

If I have an existing condition, will I be able to purchase coverage?  Effective January 1, 2014 all plans are “Guaranteed Issue”, meaning there are no health qualification for coverage.  The open enrollment for January 1, 2014 effective date begins October 1st.

What type of financial information will be required to qualify for assistance?  The Obama administration has eliminated the financial documentation requirements and will rely on “Self Reported” information until 2015.  The $25,000 penalty remains the same for those who fib on their income.