Will Your Doctor be on your new Covered California Plan?

Question: Will doctors and hospitals who accept health insurance from companies like Blue Shield accept insurance sold by the health insurance exchange? I’ve heard that Cedars-Sinai, for example, will not accept coverage from Covered California.

Answer: You heard right, Lily.

Let’s say you currently buy health insurance on the open market. But you discover that you can get tax credits from the state’s new health insurance exchange, called Covered California. (For people whose incomes qualify, tax credits will lower the cost of premiums. To find out if that includes you, use Covered California’s rate calculator.)

And wouldn’t you know it, the same insurance company that covers you now also offers a plan on the exchange.

That means you’ll get to keep your doctor if you buy that Covered California plan. Right? RIGHT???

Not necessarily.

Many insurers are limiting the networks of doctors and hospitals that participate in their Covered California plans, meaning your doctor may not be included.

“You need to do your homework because the same doctor may or may not be there,” says Nicole Kasabian Evans of the California Association of Health Plans. “It depends by plan.”

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